The Hues of Holi with Art of Time

The Hues of Holi with Art of Time

As the Festival of Holi fills the air with joy and a splash of colour—a vibrant celebration. Art of Time unveils the interplay between luxury watches, jewellery, and the festival's vibrant aesthetic. It goes beyond mere style, serving as an expression of your deep connection to the vivid colours of life.
So, let's unravel the festive mystery of Holi's hues.

Cartier: The iconic Holi celebration gets a little zing

For a celebration as unique as your style, dive into the festivities with the Cartier Santos Dumont—a burst of sophistication. This isn't just a timekeeper; it's your chic sidekick for festive fun. The combination of rose gold, diamonds, and the rich red leather strap creates a harmonious blend of colours that symbolise finesse and style reminiscent of Holi. It’s time to add flamboyance to your celebrations.


IWC: A Pilot’s Watch speaks in many colours

Accessorise in ultimate coolness this Holi with IWC Schaffhausen's Pilot Watch Chronograph Top Gun editions. The "Woodland" edition brings nature to your style, while the "Lake Tahoe" version mirrors the festival's serenity. For a desert-inspired twist, the "Mojave Desert" edition is your ticket to Holi adventures. It's time to take your style to new altitudes, whether you are dancing in the woods, soaking up the vibes of a lake, or exploring the desert!

Panerai: A Dive into Holi

Plummet festival vibes with Panerai's Quaranta Quattro Bianco – a splash of style for Holi! Its sleek design adds an extra pop to your festive look. Its polished white dial mirrors Holi's purity, while its robust design makes it your reliable companion for all festive fun. Let your wrist rock this sophisticated timepiece, adding flair to your celebrations.

Jaeger Le-Coultre: Precious colours

These Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, with their stunning array of colours, are perfect for celebrating Holi. The duality of Holi's joyous spirit goes hand in hand with the watch's dual-faced charm. The watch features two dials for displaying two time zones as well as a day/night indicator.
The blue dial and strap reflect the joyful revelry reflected in the sky. The wine-red dial, featuring a deep burgundy hue, exudes mystery and boldness, and the leather strap echoes celebration fervour. And the vibrant green dial echoes the lush surroundings that come alive during Holi. 

Roger Dubuis: Excalibur - Inspired by ART

Roger Dubuis' Excalibur Blacklight is a limited edition watch that showcases the brand's innovative spirit. During the day, the watch displays coloured micro-beams inside the calibre, resembling light rays. When exposed to UV light, however, these micro-beams become luminescent, revealing their full potential.
Reflecting Roger Dubuis' gender-fluid designs, the Excalibur Blacklight is a symbol of both innovation and artistic expression, capturing Holi's diverse spirit. Add artistic flair to your Holi celebrations with the Excalibur Blacklight. 
This watch is limited to 8 pieces for India and is exclusively available at Art of Time.

Piaget: The Art of Color

Piaget's Possession collection's colour palette is vibrant and diverse, with each piece showcasing a unique treasure. The possession pendant in 18K rose gold is set with a turquoise cabochon and adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds. The other pendant is in the form of a bright turquoise sphere encircled by a gold Possession ring. A piece of jewellery featuring these colourful stones is not only visually appealing but also possesses its own unique style. 
Piaget's Possession collection is a celebration of colour and movement, bringing elegance and playfulness to any outfit and occasion. Fine jewellery enthusiasts will find in this collection a piece that stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique design and colourful stones while still being wearable and suitable for everyday use. 

Create an imprint as bold as the colours you are surrounded by,
Embrace the spirit of the festival and celebrate this Holi with Art Of Time

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