The directors' passion for watches since a young age was how Art Of Time was conceptualized. It was the largest luxury watch store in India when it opened its first 'shop in shop' concept boutique in 2015. 

Today, Art Of Time defines the story of luxury watch retail, offering an assortment of the finest timepieces to cater to watch enthusiasts. Those with a passion for horology will find themselves in for a timeless experience with a diverse range from classics to contemporary during their visit.

We provide exemplary customer service and additional facilities to clients and assist in finding solutions to everything they need with us.

A first of its kind luxury experience for clients with a focus on a large space for brands as per international standards, has helped garner appreciation and support from clients which has helped us grow. Thanks to the support and goodwill earned within the first 3 years, Art Of Time opened its 2nd boutique in Mumbai to bring the right luxury experience to customers in South Mumbai.


We believe in providing a simple, personalized and transparent shopping experience to all clients along with the finest quality of customer service. Our team is a selection of trained and experienced individuals that assist one in making luxury accessible and approachable with an overall knowledgeable shopping experience. We are more like a family than a company and we aim to make our clients feel equally a part of this family. Our core values and beliefs stem from the mindset of a simple phrase,

"We grow, You grow."  


To provide the most seamless shopping experience to luxury watch buyers through the provision of various services such as in-boutique service, home shopping and the most advanced omnichannel online shopping platform for luxury watches. 


To continuously develop our services with the goal of being the preferred retailer for luxury watch buyers.