Panerai X Art of Time - An Italian Soirée of Swiss Technology

Una Sera Con ~ An Italian evening with Panerai X Art Of Time

Iconic Italian luxury watchmaker, Panerai, has long been a global icon, sharing extensive history with the Italian Navy. With its watchmaking heritage tied deeply to a century-long history of the ocean, the brand continues to display its signature silhouette, exhibiting technical reliability and meticulous engineering. A legendary contributor to the watch industry, Panerai has been a leading trendsetter for as long as we can remember. Intrinsically designed and built with purpose, the brand’s ever-so-famous collections, Submersible, Luminor, Luminor Due, and Radiomir, have been setting unparalleled design standards. 

Recently launched, the Lumior Due Luna (Italian for moon) is the first-ever Panerai collection dedicated to the strong and stylish woman, bridging the gap between rugged masculinity and sophisticated femininity. Once a male-centric watch brand, Panerai has swiftly made its way toward structured watchmaking for the woman of today. We were nothing short of elated to showcase the latest unprecedented Panerai timepieces. 

 25th of November, marked the day when Art of Time set the stage to showcase Panerai’s Lumior Due Luna, a unique Italian experience dedicated to the brand and watch aficionados. The exclusive evening saw some of the most esteemed influencers watch enthusiasts, and longtime friends of the brand, grace the event with their presence. The magnificent sundowner displayed Panerai’s finest watchmaking while paying tribute to the brand’s Italian roots. This picturesque evening was an essence of the culture paired with Italian wine-and-dine selections and a display showcasing the Luminor Due Luna, amongst other Panerai creations. 

 The latest addition to the Luminor Due collection, the Luna is the first of many to display the moon phase complication. Watch enthusiasts passionately admired the newly launched complication; the intricacies of Luna’s luminescent numerals and gold hands, the sun-brushed mother-of-pearl dial, and, of course, the eye-catching moon phase display at 3 o’clock. In addition to an array of Panerai timepieces, guests also experienced the true essence of an Italian soirée. The cosy sundowner brought to life with artistic elements of music and decor, Italian hues, and wall hangings perfectly reminiscent of an Italian summer. Sophisticated lighting and delectable food platters added a subtle-yet-majestic hint of elegance to the evening. Creatively curated Italian cocktails, the names of which were inspired by the brand’s collections (Submersible, Radiomir, and Luminor Due), glided guests through a relaxed journey across the brand’s rich heritage. 

 The launch of Panerai Due Luna honours the intricacies of fine watchmaking and creative craftsmanship of classic Panerai timepieces. A finely orchestrated, intimate gathering, the AOT X Panerai event highlights the brand’s innovation and versatility- a natural blend of Italian design and Swiss technology. 


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