Wrist Diaries with Karishma Karer

Karishma Karer is the founder of The Hour Markers, one of India’s largest digital media platforms on Horology. An esteemed member of the Academy of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), she has been travelling the world exploring timepieces for almost two decades now. Although hailing from a family in the watch business for over 67 years, horology was not her childhood dream. The passion for watches gripped her during one of her trips to Switzerland, where she visited numerous watchmakers and began learning the trade tricks. While she adores classic timepieces from brands like Audemar Piguet or Jaeger-LeCoultre, she credits her interest in watchmaking to smaller, independent brands that changed her perspective on watchmaking with their limited edition and unique-design watches. 

Karishma fondly refers to watches as a “piece of art” and travels the globe learning and admiring the complexities of various watch complications whilst adding the best of the best timepieces to her vast watch collection. Enthusiastically discussing her passion for the subject, she shares her recent “showstopper” experiences with the Piaget Limelight Gala watch, which she donned during her recent expedition to Delhi. Gleamingly, she expressed her joy in sporting the red-strapped marvel, which she swears felt like “second skin”. 

The Limelight Gala promises glamorous vibes and an experience like no other, a sparkling, eye-catching jewellery watch. This versatile and eclectic creation complements outfits on any occasion. Sharing a few snippets from her outfit diaries, Karishma ecstatically reveals her eagerness to pair the elegant Piaget with all her outfits. Be it a western-formal or casual look, and she was elated with the opulence and glam quotient the Limelight Gala had to offer. From an entire day revolving around meetings to evening wear, the diamond-studded wristwatch only added to her festive feels. What better way to highlight holiday season memories than with this diamond-studded head-turner?

Expressing her love for the brand since the beginning of her career, she says to her Piaget was and is the “Limelight”. With her deep adoration for jewellery and watches, she was mesmerized by a smooth blend of the two. Looking back at Watches and Wonders, the watch connoisseur recalls her love for the brand and its dazzling jewellery watches that are just the “perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics”. What fascinates her about the Piaget Limelight is the shape of the case and the mesmerizing brilliant-cut diamonds. She believes the Limelight is the “perfect companion”, no matter the occasion. 

With an undying love for statement, rugged and delicate timepieces alike, Karishma is currently eyeing some of her true favourites from Art of Time- the Piaget Polo, the Panerai Due Luna, the Tank Louis Cartier and Omega’s Aventurine Constellation. According to her, one of the fascinating complications of a watch is a “flirtatious and romantic” moonphase, like the one in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Quantième Lunaire and the Breguet Reine De Naples Moonphase.

While she recommends learning something new on the subject of Horology every single day, she also urges watch aficionados to look beyond aesthetics and imbibe knowledge on complications, dial sizes, watch features and authenticity in a bid to expand their watch portfolio. 

Karishma Karer - “No matter what the #OOTD or timepiece is, if you wear your style with elegance and utmost confidence, you will set benchmarks”.

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