Following years of “blue dominance”, the colour green seems to have taken over and is likely to stay for years. Even though “Green watches” have been around for decades, the trend appears to be skyrocketing over the past couple of years. It is almost hard to say if we were always hardwired to like the colour green or if perhaps the Pandemic’s whirlwind gravitated us to the soothing and calming nature of the colour Green. “Green” has always been a symbol of peace and prosperity, and owing to its association with nature, Luxury brands are also adapting hues of Green to convey solid environmental messages. But it’s not just that; shades of Green, such as emerald, forest and mint, are much sought-after for their pleasing effect. Easy on the eyes, these colours are a go-to for watch brands.
Moreover, the excessive repetition of blacks, browns, whites and blues made connoisseurs crave something distinctive. Hence, watchmakers are now opting for unexpected shades of Green. While there are many green watches in the industry, below are some of our favourites of the season; these green watches are proof that the Color Green is here to stay:

Cartier - Santos De Cartier 

Cartier has documented some key trends in watches and swiftly glided the greenway with some of its new launches, like the Tank solar in mint green and Panthere de Cartier with the green dial, but what made our heart skip a beat is the new Santos de Cartier with a Green dial. An unmissable creation, this luminescent and enchanting Cartier timepiece is symbolic of the beauty of India, with a display of numerals in Hindi and the light-and-dark-green gradient on the dial accentuating the watch. Fitted with the “Quick Switch” interchangeability system, the first strap in Black rubber and the second in green leather stylishly hold the timepiece together, making it timeless. 

IWC Schaffhausen - The Big Pilot’s Watch 

IWC Schaffhausen took “Green is a trend and sustainability is a mindset” a notch higher with its eye-catching Green editions across the Pilot, Portugieser, and Portofino watch collections. The distinctive shades of Green are so powerful and rich in contrast with a metallic shine. Globally renowned as highly precise timepieces with outstanding technology, IWC Pilot’s watches have achieved the status of a cultural icon and were the first to feature a dark green dial. The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch (Model Ref: IW501015) is Professional and rugged while encapsulating the brand’s original charm and will instantly cast a spell. With a striking hue of a “racing green” dial and a brown leather strap, the Big Pilot’s Watch 46 represents an uncluttered version of green watches by IWC. 

Panerai - Submersible Quarantaquattro Bianco

Uniquely monochromatic and unmistakably Panerai, The new Submersible Quarantaquattro Bianco offers a fresh take on one of the most dynamic Panerai collections. With a distinctive appearance, this timepiece stands out for its white dial with luminous hour markers and dots differently styled with a green rubber strap that had our eyes Go Green. Synonymous with the military, Green has long been interpreted as a colour of bravery, strength, toughness and style. This timepiece is a modern interpretation of a Panerai classic that speaks for itself.

Breitling - Superocean Heritage Chronograph

Breitling’s Superocean Heritage Chronograph, 44 in rich Green, combines the brand’s iconic design with a modern touch. An elegant and Sporty watch is encompassed by a silver and black bezel paired with a mesh-styled bracelet—a true embodiment of style at sea. 
Adding a gentle tone of earthiness, green dial timepieces are versatile and have taken the world by storm, making them wardrobe-essentials.

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