Ballon Bleu de Cartier

This year, the Ballon Bleu watch revisits the contours of a new and harmonious composition in a new dial size of 40mm. Appearing for the first time in 2007 as part of the repertoire of Cartier shaped watches, it embodies purity and elegance. Its rounded shape, domed sapphire crystal and beautiful curves evoke a quest for wonder, channeling a moment in space-time where the universe pulsates.



 Like a balloon, the Ballon Bleu watch by Cartier floats through the world of watchmaking. Doubly convex, its pebble shape strikes the perfect balance between line and volume. To avoid any ruptured lines, the domed sapphire crystal winding crown is perfectly integrated into the case.


The Ballon Bleu watch was created in 2007 from a new vision of roundness, which for Cartier designers, involved giving volume to the circle.


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