IWC Big Pilot - On the wrist with Riaan George

If you had to choose between good coffee and luxury watches for the rest of your life, what would you choose? 

This relatable dilemma, shared by Riaan George, was sure to catch our attention as we spotted one of our favourites, The IWC’s Piliot’s Chronograpgh Top Gun Edition “SFIT”. What followed was a gush of enthusiasm. As torn as we are ourselves between a good coffee and Luxury watches, it makes us gleam with joy that the IWC was a favorite amongst the two. Well, a combination of both i.e. fine coffee and timepieces tops it all. 

Riaan, a luxury watch connoisseur, has been a friend of Art of Time for as long as we can remember. His passion for luxury trends, aviation, hospitality, coffee, fashion, grooming and of course watches has made him the successful luxury content creator and strategist he is today. Having played a vital role in the field of journalism, Riaan’s passion led him to carve a niche as a luxury content creator.

As Mr Paulo Coelho once said "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." An aviation enthusiast - Riaan, once aspired to build a career in aviation. But destiny had other plans. Today, Riaan takes pride in traveling the world and reviewing aircrafts he once dreamed of flying. His fascination for the aviation industry well explains his undying love for the IWC Pilot’s watches. Enthusiastically speaking of aviation and timepieces, Riaan gleamingly shared snippets from his recent travels to London. Having flown down to attend the largest aircraft event of the year – the launch of the Airbus A330neo by Virgin Atlantic, Riaan chose to sport the Pilot’s watch -  what better way to pay homage to the aviation industry than with the ultra-luxurious IWC Pilot’s watch? Recalling his experience, Riaan was nothing short of elated to have received numerous compliments for the timepiece from the pilots themselves. The watch-lover in us can relate, can’t we? 

His undying love for aviation led Riaan to establish a heartfelt connection with IWC Schaffhausen. Reminiscing about his long association with IWC, he ecstatically describes it as a “cultural icon”, and the Pilot’s Collection as “classic and modern” with a “distinctive identity”. His love for heritage, culture, architecture, designs, cars, watches and coffee came together, as he excitedly flaunted his IWC that embodies extensive heritage through his “little London moments”. 

Monsieur George, as he is fondly known, refers to the IWC’s Pilot’s collection as a highly versatile watch and believes the timepiece perfectly complements all styles of attire. Riaan is on top of his watch game and enjoys the best brews from around the world. While he certainly failed to choose between good coffee and luxury watches, we absolutely cannot hold it against him. 

Given the choice between the two, what would you choose?

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